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Aura Asset Management is a boutique real estate investment firm focused on sourcing unique investment opportunities in top-tier markets. Targeting income-producing and value-add opportunities in interesting, evolving neighborhoods, the firm employs a focused and disciplined approach to its investments. With the inherent supply and demand characteristics of urban residential areas, this asset class offers compelling risk adjusted returns. Aura has grown its portfolio organically, launching one project at a time since the firm’s inception in 2014 to investing over €70 million worth.

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The asset management team’s exceptional ability to devise and execute value-enhancing strategies contributes significantly to the firm’s aptitude for successful investments.

By focusing efforts to create value through adaptive reuse, revenue generation, asset repositioning, and operating expense efficiencies, Aura builds equity value while growing cash flow.

Further, Aura´s frequent and transparent communication allows for a close and trustworthy relationship with its investors. Aura prides on its strong team commitment to consistently provide investors with on-time project delivery and investment returns. Our transparency and constant reporting throughout the investment process differentiates us from the rest. We feel strongly about anticipating questions and making our investors feel at ease.


Aura’s acquisitions team identifies well-located and exceptional assets with opportunities to improve physical layout, rental and market positioning.

Utilizing its broad network of relationships and resources in the residential real-estate and finance industries, the acquisitions team pursues opportunities unique to its investment expertise. 100% of the firm’s acquisitions have been off-market transactions, sourced through the firm’s proprietary network of relationships.

To date, Aura has deployed approximately €70M of equity across 460 assets, investing alongside institutional and private investors, investment managers and family offices.


Led by the best specialists in the company with over twenty years of experience in key areas such as technical, commercial, legal, and management. Although each team member is highly specialized, we consider it essential for each person to fully understand and have participated in all other areas that may affect the client’s project.

The speed in problem detection, as well as the decisiveness and effectiveness in decision-making, are the fundamental pillars that characterize the professionals in our team.

SALES, PROPERTY & construction

In-house property and construction management capabilities allow for direct investment oversight from hand-on ownership further solidifying the firm’s relationships and standing within the real estate industry

The firm’s in house broker expertise and depth of contacts have led to the securing of numerous residential sales



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